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Default Re: Kawhi Leonard: Could he be a realistic candidate for Rookie of the Year?

i'm a leonard fan but no way. he has many strides to make offensively and he just won't put up ROY stats. his trademark is defense. i think his upside is that of a souped up haslem - more athletic, just as tenacious defensively if not more and great motor. considering that haslem has put up 12/9, i'd say that isn't bad. if leonard develops a mid-range shot, i could see him being a 15/10 guy who will do a lot of intangibles. that isn't bad for a #15 pick.

for ROY, i'd watch out for williams and kanter. i think they're the most NBA ready. the one thing that will hold williams back is beasley being ahead of him in the depth chart (for now). they may try him at the 4 but i think he's a more natural 3. kanter sort of reminds me of elton brand. kanter may not have elite athleticism but he's not soft in any way.

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