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Default Re: Knowing what we know now from the '96 draft...

People would honestly take Iverson over Kobe Bryant and even Steve Nash or Ray Allen knowing what we know today?


Positives = Amazing scorer

Negatives: Ball hogs, gambles on defense, complains about having to practice, refused his coaches orders, will ruin your teams chemistry, selfish, lazy, refused a smaller role with Denver so they traded him to Detroit, refused to come off the bench for Detroit so they traded him to Memphis, quit on Memphis, whined and said all he wanted to do is play baksetball, was signed by the Sixers after he retired because Ed Snider felt sorry for his teams former superstar and because Lou Williams was injured then he quit again, waited all summer wondering why nobody would sign him like a clueless dimwit, went to Europe and wasn't even a top player over there.

Sorry, but the guy was a complete joke in the second half of his career with constant defiance to regulation and order, and he also spit in the face of every great player who ever came off the bench later in their careers. He disrespected the game of baksetball and gave up on two different teams just because he wasn't getting his 30 shots a game, that is an absolute joke. Don't get me wrong he had great skills, was a unique talent and a top tier player from 1999 until the mid 00s, but he fell off entirely because of his own stupidity. He could have very well been a great backup for a contender and possibly could still be, but his selfishness cost him any chance at that.

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