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Default Re: Winners & Lamers in the draft

Originally Posted by Bogus_Sting
I have a feeling "Big Pimp'n" Vesely is going to become a cult icon.

I think the Sixers drafted well all things considering. We need bigs, but there just aint that many out there. Im happy with it.

I think Biyombo could be a great player, don't count him out yet.

oh i'm not counting biyombo out. i just think his offensive game is close to zilch. to take him that high, they better hope he becomes a great defender. ben wallace comparison is pretty apt and he never really developed an offensive game in his whole career. potential danger there. i just think you don't draft on potential that far up. anyway, all these thoughts are preliminary. i totally wouldn't mind if biyombo proves me wrong - in fact, as a sports fan, i kind of find it exciting and interesting.

another sleeper: kyle singler. way more athletic than portrayed, tall and can make nifty passes. he needs to develop a better shot. his shot form is cringe worthy but if he gets a mid-range shot to go with the rest of his game, he'll be a good value pick.

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