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Default Re: Winners & Lamers in the draft

Originally Posted by blacknapalm
surprised this wasn't made here's some quick thoughts:


wiz - they picked two guys who will not only help right away but also fit in the system. veseley runs the court, doesn't mind contact and finishes strong. he has size and is pretty athletic. this is a guy that wall can lob too all day along with mcgee. wiz now have one of the most athletic frontcourts. then they took singleton who is a much needed perimeter defender. i question his offense but i see him as the best perimeter defender in the draft. quick feet, active hands. can't create too much offensively but that's not a major weakness of the washington

jazz - took enes who is a ready made big man who isn't rigid. then they took burks. he is athletic which they sorely miss after matthews. if he finds a jumper, this guy is going to score buckets. pretty good value there. he's a savvy scorer, sort of reminds me of a young pierce.

sleeper: clippers - added even more athleticism and team players and they have a solid base


76ers - just don't see the direction here. it's like they can't decide whether to play big or small and there's a ton of tweeners there.

wolves - i hate to harp on it but they picked all these guys and just traded them. how many trades total? $hit got confusing. you can't just collect assets and hope for the best. you have to pull the trigger on something. consolation prize for d-will but that team could have used a shooter and post player in a big way.

bobcats - think biyombo was that much of a reach. walker had some knee issues but i dig his game. if walker pans out, this won't be so bad.

long termers:

chicago - butler is a great utilitly player. already a good defender and should buy into the system. mirotic can be a dead eye shooter but will it be worth the four year wait? i suppose

houston - building for the long-term it seems. some impact players but mostly potential. again though, too many tweeners here?
i agree with the winners
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