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Default Re: Winners & Lamers in the draft

Originally Posted by kurple
Andre Miller is the perfect veteran PG to back up Lawson

Kenneth Faried could be the rebounder we have been looking for (for years). He's a beast!

Jordan Hamilton is the perfect guy to take over for either JR or Chandler depending on who we keep.

Perfect draft night for me

word. i almost forgot about the nuggets night considering the trades. one thing is for sure, the west is gonna be a slugfest from 3-8. i expect clips to rise, memphis to be way high in the mix and denver to make some noise. faried is gonna be a mean rebounder. i'm thinking a young kenyon martin.

anyway, everyone else jump in here. i'm a laker fan and i didn't put them in either category. i'd give them a B- overall. don't just judge your team though. who do you think made out like bandits and who do you question? if not teams, do players but i prefer teams.

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