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Default Re: Chad Ford's Draft Grades [Need an ESPN Insider please]



Round 1: Jonas Valanciunas (5)

Round 2: None.

Analysis: I'm not sure how I feel about the Raptors selecting Jonas Valanciunas. On one hand, he's a legit 7-foot center who isn't afraid to mix it up in the paint. On the other hand, it's still unclear when he's going to come to the NBA.

The Raptors took a big, long-term risk. It could pay off handsomely, but it won't pay off right away. Given the Raptors' fortunes the past few years, how long can they wait? If Valanciunas comes soon and develops, it was worth the risk. If it takes him a while to get here, they may have been better off with Biyombo.


Round 1: Enes Kanter (3, obtained from New Jersey), Alec Burks (12)

Round 2: None.

Analysis: I really like the Utah draft. Kanter has the ability to be a productive starting center in the league. And Burks is a very talented guard who, if he develops a jump shot, could become a star.

With the addition of Kanter and Burks plus Derrick Favors and last year's lottery pick, Gordon Hayward, the Jazz have quickly rebuilt a strong young talent base while keeping a nice core of veterans around to mentor them. The future looks very bright in Utah.


Round 1: Jan Vesely (6), Chris Singleton (18, obtained from Atlanta)

Round 2: Shelvin Mack (34)

Analysis: This was a critical summer for the Wizards. Drafting John Wall was easy last year. This year, the challenge was to surround him with players who complement his talents. Mission accomplished.

Vesely is one of the most athletic forwards in the draft and should be great flying up and down the floor with Wall. Singleton is also a terrific athlete and the best defender in the draft. Factor in Shelvin Mack as a solid backup guard at No. 34, and the Wizards came away more athletic and tougher. That's a great draft.
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