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Default Re: Donatas Motiejunas...

Originally Posted by fatboy11
And AGAIN, people that do play can not have a clue. That's why I'm saying bringing that up is somewhat irrelevant as it doesn't prove anything. Especially when you factor in that his criticisms are coming from scouts and people paid to evaluate talent, many of whom have played the game at a sem-high level.

Or am I off somewhere?

I agree. But people who play MIGHT have a clue, while those who don't almost never do. Anyway it's off topic.

The scouts are so often wrong, especially when it comes to foreign players, that I don't take this argument that seriously. You'd think most of them spend their days visiting the country instead of watching the games, and when they have to write something they invent whatever story sounds believable to make their boss happy.

Have you ever seen a draft report for a euro that DOESN'T look like this?

"Good shooting ability and flair, but it remains to be seen if he has the body to play defense in the NBA. He's a little small for his position. He needs to put on some weight, too".

I think there's a template somewhere, and these guys just change the names. I'm sure somewhere you can find a guy writing about how Schortsanitis needs to put on some weight.

Edit: to answer your point more directly, I don't disagree with you, it's just funny to see people so sure of themselves and saying things like "he'll be a bust" or "he's the next Olajuwon" when they have no idea.

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