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Default Re: Winners & Lamers in the draft

Originally Posted by Bogus_Sting
I have a feeling "Big Pimp'n" Vesely is going to become a cult icon.

I think the Sixers drafted well all things considering. We need bigs, but there just aint that many out there. Im happy with it.

I think Biyombo could be a great player, don't count him out yet.

Guaranteed fan favorite. He was really loved in Belgrade, hell, whole Serbia loved him. Fans of rival teams loved him, he just buys you with his intensity and swag (even tho I hate to use this word), oh and highlight plays too (and he makes a lot of them).

This is from his last game for Partizan.

8000 people yelling his name, I get goosebumps out of this...

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