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Default Re: David West to opt-out

Originally Posted by kumquat
The title of this thread should be "End of New Orleans Hornets". Paul won't re-sign now, the league won't want to own a dead duck team. Then Charlotte will probably change back to the hornets.

The league really needs to relocate the Hornets to Seattle, and call them the Sonics. And then like you said, the Bobcats become the Hornets.
New Orleans Hornets become Seattle Sonics
Charlotte Bobcats become Charlotte Hornets

Also, I think the Pacers should sign West, and let him completely heal before playing him, they have two capable power forwards already for the short term. I also think they should trade Hibbert in a S&T for Greg Oden, and let him heal completely. They should try re-sign Dunleavy Jr and Foster for peanuts, while waiving (or buying-out) D. Jones and Ford.
PG: Collison/ Hill/ Price
SG: George/ Rush/ Stephenson
SF: Granger/ Dunleavy Jr./ Posey
PF: West/ Hansborough/ McRoberts
CT: Oden/ Foster/ S. Jones

That's a 4 seed right there (assuming they keep good health)
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