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Default Re: David West to opt-out

Originally Posted by InspiredLebowski
I like West, but not even taking the injury and any potential recovery problems into account, I just dunno. He'll be 31 by the time any season starts, he probably wants something starting at at least ~9 mil. He's just an average defender, not an elite rebounder, doesn't protect the rim.

Could do a lot worse than him, but he's a bit too old to go with the core guys and doesn't provide the frontline defense and rebounding that we'd ideally get from a guy we're spending that kind of money on. And yeah, he just shredded his knee.

I could maybe be talked into it, there're worse fits, but I'm not a big fan of chasing him.

this is 100% correct.

David West isnt really that good anyway. He was rocking with CP3 in his 2 All Star appearances. He's just an undersized jump shooting PF that doesnt really do anything else for you other than that. And to add on to the fact that he's coming back from a season ending injury in his 30's.

.... he would be a nice piece for the Pacers though

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