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Dalembert just played his high school ball in Canada, it would be nice if they could find a way to get him approved to play for our national team, though.

On Denham Brown, I honestly believe that the Sonics got a steal with this guy at 40 (hell, why wouldn't the Knicks take him at 20 instead of Renaldo Balkman) . I think he was talented enough to go late in the first round, and I'm angry the Raptors passed him when they had the opportunity to snatch him. I think Denham will turn out to be a very solid pro in the near future, never a "superstar", but he will be a good player who gets noticed.

Well, now the Sonics have three of my favourite players in the L (Ridnour, Allen + Brown). They would've had 4 had they kept Carl English longer than the 2004 pre-season.

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