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Default Re: Top 25 Players at Each Position

Originally Posted by brwnman
VC had the tag of being injury-prone, but he really wasn't, and hasn't been in his career. He had one major injury and that is it. He isn't prone to injuries. Also, if Derozan becomes anywhere near the player VC was; I'd be ecstatic...

False. He missed an average of 21 games per season in the 6 full seasons he was with the Raptors. That's on average 1/4 of the season. That's injury prone.

I also wasn't insinuating that he'd become VC in terms of ability, just comparing two athletic freaks and pointing out one who got injured a lot.

Edit: Just realized I factored in the games he missed as a rookie due to the lockout as part of injuries. Regardless, the point stands, he missed games.

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