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Default Re: Minnesota Timberwolves draft Derrick Williams No.2 overall in 2011 NBA Draft

I tihnk they create more matchup issues with the smaller lineup mentioned above. Not the height and length you'd love up front, but the incredible length at G helps cover you if you get a coach who can teach team defense. Also while Beasley/Williams/Love is a small frontcourt, but how many teams can out rebound that lineup?

I even wonder if Williams would be considered the C. He has more length and athleticism than Love and I could see him defending the position decently well. Think Joel Anthony or Chuck Hayes, but with much more of an offensive contribution. I'm only talking 15-20 minutes max. You have taller Cs available in Darko and Pek to compliment him. Put talent on the floor.

If this team could land someone like OJ Mayo, I'd like their prospects going forward quite a bit. Of course a lot would hinge on Beasley continuing to improve and Rubio coming anywhere near expectations.

I like this team's depth and talent. THey need a few tweaks, but they have potential.
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