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Default Re: Top 25 Players at Each Position

Originally Posted by Prodigy
False. He missed an average of 21 games per season in the 6 full seasons he was with the Raptors. That's on average 1/4 of the season. That's injury prone.

I also wasn't insinuating that he'd become VC in terms of ability, just comparing two athletic freaks and pointing out one who got injured a lot.

His first two years he played the full season (first season was 50 games - shortened NBA season).

Third year, he missed 7. (Where pain officially began)

4th and 5th year is where he had the whole big injury (missed 22 and half the season - reason why your averages look so outlandish). Are you gonna say Blake is now injury prone because he's averaging only 1/2 a season played?

6th year he played 73 games; missing 9.

Also, Carter hasn't played in less than 73 games since his 5th year. The year he returned from his major knee surgery... You'll take that if he's giving you 25 6 5...
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