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Default Re: Nene to opt out of Denver Nuggets contract

I still think he'll re-sign in Denver. I really can't find a better situation for him unless Denver just doesn't want to pay him a lot (which would be stupid). Unless if a team like San Antonio or Houston or Philly or GS offers a good sign and trade for him and Denver (assuming the CBA allows for S&Ts), he probably won't leave. He better be hoping for either a higher cap or keeping sign and trades legal because if not, his options are down to teams with cap space (Sacramento? Minnesota? NJ?) and Denver, in which case, Denver can lowball him and dare him to go to a horrible team. If there are sign and trades I could see Cleveland being a great fit for him and being able to offer Denver a good package. Possibly Varajao (and maybe even Hickson) for Nene. Nene is a better fit in Cleveland and they'd allow T Thompson to get a lot of minutes at PF.

Nene took a huge risk by opting out.

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