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Default Re: Hickson for Casspi? Advanced talks

Originally Posted by Godzuki
JJ is a borderline star, on the cusp of it. he's WAY better than Casspi, who barely even cracked the Kings rotation. i'm not saying Casspi is terrible, since he's tall, athletic, and can knock down 3's, but JJ is a WAY better and more proven player. its not even close.

JJ came into his own last year. before last year i'd say he was overrated and maybe a bust, but last year when he was getting shots and run, he was beasting more games than not. i mean putting up damn near 20/10 type numbers...
WTF. Now, sure, he was a much improved player last year (mostly from getting more run), but this shit is over the top. Dude put up 14/9 on 45% shooting. He will never be a star. 20/10 my ass
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