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Default Re: Favourite episodes of your favourite shows

Step by Step

The episode where Urkel crashes into the Lambert's backyard. I was 13 when this episode aired and I was like "WTF, that's Urkel". I was so damn confused, but it turned out to be a great episode.

The Halloween episode. Mark and this girl start throwing eggs at houses. When a cop comes, the girl ditches Mark and he gets caught. When he drops an egg on the cop's foot, Mark gets arrested.

Fresh Prince

The episode where Will and Carlton go to Vegas and they run out of money, so they enter a dance contest to win money to fly home. They end up winning the booby prize, but it paid for airfare back to California.

Family Matters

During the show's second season, there is a robbery at a little store. The robber has hostages and unfortunately, things go horribly wrong. An old man, who was buying ice cream for him and his wife, is shot and killed by the robber. When Carl goes to visit the guy's grave, he meets his wife. The wife convinces Carl that it wasn't his fault. A very touching episode.
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