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Default Re: TRADE! Kings trade Omri Casspi, pick to Cavaliers for JJ Hickson

Originally Posted by OG LeeTSkeeT
The same Hickson whom Cavs did not want to include in a deal for Amare?
Hey retard!

Hickson was included in the deal... Phoenix turned it down. Can I make that a permanent signature in every post that I make? Seriously, this is one dense crowd. People just don't get it.

The confusion continues from my side as to what the Cavs' plan is, here... This is essentially Casspi for Hickson, straight up. Hickson may be a block head and have stone hands, but he did average 20/12 in the last month+ of the 2011 season. You are going to give that up for a bench player and a pick that we will never see?

The only thing I can figure is that this is a preemptive move, because JJ has a contract situation on the horizon.
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