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Default Re: Will NENE Really Opt Out???

Originally Posted by All Net
Question is who has the money to offer him a good deal? surely he will get less than what he opted out for?

Yep. This is a perfect example of why the NBA might lose a season. These owners have done a pathetic job paying these players what they are actually worth.

Here's a hint owners:

Just because a few teams overpay these guys does not mean everyone has to.

Nene is a nice player. That is all. He's a career 12 and 7 guy. He's missed basically two full seasons due to injury. His best year was 15/8.

He's worth about 6 million a year. But he'll get a lot more than that because stupid teams like the Mavericks are willing to pay Haywood over 8 million a year for 5 years.

What a joke.
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