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Default Re: owners perspective on lockout

Mnay posters here think that the Bucks and Milwaukee is a deadbeat out of the way franchise in the same city.

Kohl had opportunities to move the team , as well as sell it to Jordan who would of more less moved it to Vegas.

However alittle history here , Kohl's best friend is Bud Selig who owned the Brewers and saw that the team could be moved like the Braves to make a better profit
But these two gentleman realized that there is a history in Milwaukee in regards to sports and baseball as well as basketball.
(They have a pro hockey team as well as the Packers used to play the majority of their games in Milwaukee as well)
Point on here is that it is a small market , but there is a fan sports base that is very strong.
I lived there and I know , the city always has some sporting event occurring , besides universities UWM and Marquette.

So even though a multi millionaire in Herb Kohl has taken out 55million in loans over the last 5 years from the league , it has helped him keep the franchise
in Milwaukee and tried to bring a good product to the floor.

So OP stating that owners that aren't as visible as Cuban are not good owners is miss leading.
Currently Kohl is trying to help the state by being a senator for Wisconsin.
Why would a multi millionaire give a hoot about a city or a state , unless he is loyal to the city and states people.

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