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Default Re: TRADE! Kings trade Omri Casspi, pick to Cavaliers for JJ Hickson

Originally Posted by blacknapalm
not sure this makes either team much better really. hickson's D is below average and awful at times. casspi is okay...he can get hot but can also just check it a lot. anyway, what a difference a little over a year makes. remember when cleveland didn't want to trade for amar'e with hickson in the package. now, he's being traded to casspi straight up. ya, i know there's a first round pick involved but it's lottery protected so everything is speculation there. oops.

the sad thing is that was when Hickson was way more of a question mark. last season he really came into his own, and FINALLY showed signs of consistently playing well and he can be a beast on the boards, plays real big for a PF, actually was playing Center most of last season putting up great numbers against other teams starters. its mind boggling they trade him for peanuts when he is finally growing up. i don't even get 3/4's of Cav's fans reactions thinking it was a decent trade
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