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Default Re: Deron Williams chooses new agent

Originally Posted by miles berg
Would love to see him in a Mavericks uniform. Love it!

But, as a general NBA fan, if the Mavs cant have him then I would love to see him paired up with Blake Griffin. Wowzers.

I'd love to have him in either Dallas or LA but I don't see how Dallas swings it with their current cap situation and lack of young assets unless things drastically change under the new CBA.

D. Will has gone out of his way to praise Griffin a number of times and has spoken about how great it would be to play with him


Clips have some nice assets to work with. Early lottery pick (Minny's pick) in deep draft next year, Aminu/Bledsoe/Deandre Jordon and, if necessary, we could send Eric Gordon.
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