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Default Re: A Game of Thrones

It's absurd how little I paid attention when I watched the show. I'm re-watching the whole series now and realized I missed entire scenes.

And when you're watching you notice the huge liberties they take. Only two small things have bothered me so far, one: there's a heavy portion of dreams that are described in the book, and they're very interesting to me, yet so far there has been almost none of that in the show. It's a very small aspect and you kind of know they're doing that to save time and cram as much into one episode as they can. I mean each episode is like 100 pages of the book, so whatever.

The other thing is more specific: the way they portray Jon in the show compared to in the book. The exchange between him and Ser Alliser Thorne in the kitchen while Thorne is bad-mouthing Ned about his "treason" was much more violent in the book than the show and the book shows how strong Jon is at such a young age. The scene in the show is just...I don't know, kind of pathetic.

Also, in the book Jon battles the undead guy mostly in the dark while the show It's in front of a fire. Again, the book shows how skilled and strong he is at such a young age and the show is holding back. I don't understand that at all.

Very minor details that don't really matter. I'm probably the only one who was even slightly bothered by it.
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