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Default Re: Mavericks can use a good backup power forward

Originally Posted by kentatm
there is no way Bobo can take JJBs spot next season. He just broke his foot again. The dude looked awful running PG the last two years and only performed well when played at SG.

Terry is more likely to play PG than Bobo at this point.

KMart did imply at one point he wouldn't be opposed to playing in Dallas which was funny considering past history. I seriously doubt he would come to Dallas to be a low minute player on a small contract though.

Agree on Bobo. At this point, he probably has more trade value than actual value to the Mavs. He's hurt again and he absolutely won't be able to learn to run the point on the fly. I think it makes our chances of signing Barea much greater now.

I read recently that Millsap was available. Which of course makes perfect sense considering all the forwards the Jazz have.

I don't know what we could really offer, but maybe Bobo and some of our younger pieces that won't play much would be enough. Maybe a future pick as well.

It would be nice to have a player like Millsap backing up Dirk. I don't know what the Jazz are after, but we do have some young talent at pg and sg on great contracts.
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