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Default Re: NBA 2K11 Association Mode

Okay, I made an amazing Warriors team a few nights ago. I'm in the 3rd season with all options on, HoF difficulty, etc. Just won the NBA Championship against the Bulls in 7 games. The funny thing is the Bulls were my major trading partner. Guess it worked out for both teams. I think their defense rating was like 95, and it was crazy hard. Took me 7 games to beat them, but I won by 10 in the final game.


Steph Curry - 93
Monta Ellis - 91
Luol Deng - 82
David Lee - 82
Joakim Noah - 85


Patty Mills - 72
A. Morrows - 70
Earl Clark - 72
Epke Udoh - 79 (6th man)
DeAndre Jordan - 69


Jeremy Lin - 72 (prospect, still)
Joel Pryzbilla - 62
M. Allen - 61 (7'2" draft pick)
J. Blackman - 55 (draft pick)

Team chemistry is 100%, and all players are happy with their roles and playtime. Fun team to play with because they're explosive offensively at almost every position, and I love playing paint D with Noah. Lee cleans up on the defensive glass well also.

edit - my coaches are Avery Johnson and Sam Cassel!

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