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Default Re: NYTIMES reporting that nba crying foul over financial crisis

Originally Posted by Sarcastic
The last 10 years represent the period since the last work stoppage. Prior to that there were no cap on max contracts, so there was a huge spike in salaries. If you look at just the last 10 years you will see the salaries have come back in line with revenues, and have only grown 24.3%. Revenue increases have actually increased more than salaries at 27.9%.
the point is, during this last CBA (which the owners "won", a really stupid platitude the media like to use that means nothing), the operating margin went from a pre-cba average of nearly 20% to barely over 7% during the current cba. of course the owners want to move it back. just look at the operating income 5yr and 10 yr changes.
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