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Default Re: A Game of Thrones

Originally Posted by DonDadda59
Yeah, the dream sequences in the book were very vivid and interesting and I'm disappointed now that they didn't include them in the show. The dream Bran had while in the coma about the crow and seeing all the events of Westeros from the sky would've been a great addition. Wouldn't have taken too much camera time either and it could've helped build suspense about the going-ons beyond the wall. Ned's dreams about Lyanna would've been great to see as well, Jon's nightmares about the crypt too.

Kind of surprised they didn't include them since some of the creative team worked on the Sopranos as well, and the dream sequences were a big part of character/plot development and added an interesting dimension to the show.

Almost done with the first book, jumping into the second soon. Ordered 'A Dance With Dragons' on Amazon.

Yes, the falling dream would've been fantastic. I mean it took up an entire chapter IIRC. So far the only one they've included in the show was the dream Bran has of the crow with three eyes and the crypt.
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