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Default Re: Amare says he will NOT go overseas, NY and Knicks are his focus.

Originally Posted by MeLO MvP 15
I saw him post it on twitter and was so happy.

But I never really felt overseas ball was an option for him. Same with Melo, Kobe, Wade, LeBron and anyone who has a big contract in the NBA. Deron Williams is taking a huge risk, but he's only got 1-2 years on his NBA contract, he wouldn't lose nearly as much as Amar'e (who has 4 years) or those other guys if he were to get injured. Also, I think it would cost a lot more to insure a guy like Amar'e... definitely not worth it for a Euro team

Why insure Amar'e and against what? I get the feeling that you believe a European team would have to insure the NBA players' NBA contracts....

As for the injury risk, let's get real here. If Amar'e went and got injured and was out for months, and then the NBA started again, do you think the Knicks will void his contract instead of waiting for him to heal? They have nothing to gain. It's not like they can then turn around and use that $15 mil. to sign another superstar. Who is out there that they can spend that money on? Sign back Wilson Chandler and end up exactly where they started from?

And even if the Knicks did that, that would be worse for the Knicks than for Ama're, who will sign another max contract with a different team. Do you think any agent will send his player to a team that voids contracts, especially in a league where the Knicks cannot offer more money than other teams?
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