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Default Re: All Purpose Boxing Discussion Thread

The dude just needs to avoid fighting southpaws or slick boxer types.

He needs to run as far away from Martinez as possible. Though Lara deserves a rematch, it would be in the best interest of Paul if that didn't happen.

While it's true that Paul's stamina really plummeted in the Lara fight, I think that was due to him chasing Lara around and eating all those straight left hands.

It's clear that Paul has trouble defending against the left hand from a southpaw, and it's also clear that he struggles against slick fighters who potshot. But there's plenty of opponents at 154/160 who don't fit that description and who can give us some great fights.

Cotto, Alvarez, Chavez Jr., Angulo, Margarito rematch, Wolak, etc... All would be fun fights to watch.
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