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Default Re: Amare says he will NOT go overseas, NY and Knicks are his focus.

Originally Posted by thejumpa
Also, did anyone ever really think that Amar'e was gonna play overseas? I didn't. He's already mentioned that his back is still sore and he's in the prime of his career with tons of cash in the bank(hopefully). He doesn't seem like the kind of guy that would risk injury just so he could get paid $5-8M to play ball overseas. Doesn't make sense to me.
He mentioned some team in Israel.

They really treat you well over there if you're of the Jewish faith. I know that was a big factor in why Sylvan Landesburg turned down an unguaranteed Kings contract to play 1-2 years in Israel. Same reason Alex Tyus, undrafted PF from Florida, chose to sign in Israel.

I wouldnt be against Amare doing it, if he did.
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