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Originally Posted by GOBB
List the character issues dealing with Marcus Williams. Love to hear it all.

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Marcus Williams:

Born in Compton, LA; raised primarily by mother.

Won b-ball scholarship to CT.

Academically Ineligible his freshmen year

Sophomore year, improved drastically, became a top 20 pg or so in the nation (where Feltons, DeeBrowns, Chris Pauls ruled)

Added a very nice J to reportoire.
[u]Offseason prior to Junior, convicted of possessing laptops in attempt to exchange them in a pawnshop from cash. The laptops were from the female basketball team's dormitories.

He did not lie to the cop however, and confessed immediately.

Off the court, handled himself very well in interviews and was sincerely apologetic.

Though the punishment was not too harsh (one semester) ban he worked very proficiently into becoming an integral part of Uconn's starting lineup.

At times, gets cocky, smiles too much, and can be a bonehead.

Nonetheless, he has a very touch character and can drain the FT's while the fans around him chant "Where's my laptops" and resort to antics like that. Carried Uconn throughout the tournament almost singlehandedly.

Basically, he did a crime, he paid the little consequence, and I personally think he's improved his attitude since then. However, the past should not be forgiven, and in an unbiased situation I would say this guy is a felon, though he has come a long way since then. Something like Caron Butler, and maybe Iverson to an extent?

Jim Calhoun respects him and claims him as one of his favorite pupils. Lawrence Frank has put up with him for one day at least (Saw this on the Y.E.S channel)

Hardly "Character" issues. and why would Kidd be considered a "character" issue? The guy has some past crimes, but he plays maturely, efficiently, and with lots of intelligence, at least on the court.

Guys who would have "character" issues are the bums with no work ethic, and don't love the sport aka sellouts such as (Marbury, Francis, Steve Jackson to an extent, Chris Webber lol, etc.)
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