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Default Re: Timberwolves have fired head coach Kurt Rambis!

Originally Posted by Godzuki
how often? it just seems a lot of people who focus on that kind of stuff always pick out rare instances of it and then make it like they're awful at D.

i swear a lot of defensive criticisms of players are like that.

and admittedly i didn't watch him as much his sophomore year than i did his rookie year since i had him on my fantasy team then.
Kentatm is right but it isn't like Love does that all the time. Love will never be a good defensive player but you could see in certain games towards the end of the season that he was trying to contest shots rather then give up and go for the rebounds.

I would rather Love try and contest every shot rather than give up but people are making it out like Love does that every possession, which is false. People also use that to try and belittle Love's rebounding prowess which again is ridiculous.
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