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Default Re: Pistons still like Mike Woodson, Lawrence Frank as head coaching candidates

both are overrated coaches. ATL under Woodson was basically stand around, iso 1v1 a lot of the time where they looked horribly coached sometimes with horrible spacing, especially against good teams when it mattered. against the lesser teams they looked real good with a lot of blowouts it seemed, but when other teams clamped down they looked lost often under Woodson. and the odd thing was it kept he couldn't adjust them to flow better.

Frank was one of the biggest joke coaches for a while, until like his last season where they started playing well and he started getting hyped. but before that there were years of very questionable coaching/rotation decisions.

we'll see i guess, but they're both like Avery Johnson type of overhyped with people thinking they're much better than they are imo.

it makes no sense to me why Detroit even wants Tayshaun back considering how loaded they are at SF/PF...if any team is overstacked at specific positions its them. they drafted a PG that will have to get run, Stuckey is going to SG, and i guess they'll still be overpaying/underplaying BenGordon off the bench. and they still have Will Bynum who has to get run, assuming Rips gone. i don't know wtf Dumars is doing...

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