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Default Re: Pistons still like Mike Woodson, Lawrence Frank as head coaching candidates

At least Woodson has Detroit ties, championship ties at that. He already has a relationship with the organization and he would already have respect from guys like Tay and Rip (even though they could both be gone). A lot of Atlanta's M.O. was stand around, let Joe Johnson operate or let Josh Smith clean up, but the Pistons don't have a one on one threat as steady as Joe. With that in mind, if Mike worked in better sets that spread the offense out more, we could be fine. To tell the truth, either is a step up from Kuester. Just to have a coach that has actual head coaching experience in this league is an improvement over our last two. Defense is going to be key though. Whether it be Woodson, Frank or whoever, we got guys who can score so I hope defense is stressed. These guys haven't been able to stop anybody the past 2-3 seasons.
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