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Default Re: Pistons still like Mike Woodson, Lawrence Frank as head coaching candidates

Originally Posted by dd24
I really don't want Woodson or Frank. I might be ok with Sampson but I'd really like to see someone like Laimbeer or Ewing get a chance. It's amazing how many lame coaches there are who are prime candidates but guys like Laimbeer, Ewing, Cassell, etc often get overlooked. I never like Frank in NJ. I didn't really think he was anywhere near as smart as the press tried to make him out to be. I thought those teams under achieved.

I hate the idea of recycling coaches. Bill would do just fine, he won 3 titles in the wnba as a coach,2 titles as a player with the pistons. He's a winner.. Mike woodson is bad, really, really bad.. I hate his coaching style, watch orlando starts beating us when he gets on board. A team we've been owning for years even after billups left.
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