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Default Re: 06,09 Wade vs Kobe

Originally Posted by N0Skillz
I can prove this without even going in detail and just looking at stats

09 Kobe vs 09 Wade

27/5/5 6FTA
30/7/5 10FTA

Wade has better stats but, the stats are SIMILAR on VERY DIFFERENT TEAMS WITH DIFFERENT ROLES. 3 Point differential.

06 Kobe vs 06 Wade

35/5/5 10FTA
27/6/7 10FTA

Kobe has much better stats, and the difference is LARGE. 8 Point Differential
Yeah how about Wade was scoring 30 points on 49% and 22 shot attempts while Kobe was shooting 47% on 21 shot attempts he also averaged 8 assists if Kobe averaged 5 in 06. No Kobe does not have much better stats in 06 he took 8 more shots and scored 8 more points Kobe still has the scoring edge but Wade beats him everywhere else. You can think Kobe is better all four times but don't act like its not close.
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