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Default Re: 06,09 Wade vs Kobe

Originally Posted by ZaaaaaH
HAHAHA I love Geeks who always talks about shooting 50% Look here youngen.

Just like you said Kobe shoots his typical 45% and lets just say he shot 12/26 which is about 46% compare to 13/26 which is 50%.... SO you are crying about ONE fucccking shot out of entire game. Kobe miss ONE, Im talking ONE shot and you are sitting here winning about it.

06 Kobe avrg 35/5/4

With Kobes Athleticism at the time he could of EASILY grab 8 boards per game if he wanted to be like JKidd/LeBron but People who actually follow his game can tell you Kobe plays his role then care about stats.

As for assist With Mihm,Brown as ur Bigs not much he can do especially Kobe gets his assist from Playmaking drawing double teams on drives but with Weak Bigs who cant catch and finish of course it is gonna hurt his numbers. Triangle uselessly ends up with Hockey assist from the play maker as well.

06 There was no One stoping this Man. He was MJ esq for sure. UNSTOPPABLE and UNTOUCHABLE.
It doesn't matter if he could of grabbed 8 boards he didn't end of story. Wade could of easily lead the 09,10 Heat to 50-55 game if he was agressive the whole season but instead he spent half the season trying to get his teamates going.
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