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Default Re: Connecticut Huskies fan thread

Originally Posted by UConnCeltics
Lamb is as good as gone. Read a quote from an article, basically saying he wanted to make the jump but Calhoun advised him to stay one more year. Right decision, but kind of stinks if it went that way. Imagine this in 2012...

Shabazz (Jr.)
Lamb (Jr.)
Daniels (So.)
Oriakhi (Sr.)
Drummond (Fr.)

Talk about a starting 5. Also Calhoun, Boat, Smith, Giffey, etc. off the bench. a team like that has the potential to go 10 deep, all with talent.

Dang!! I hope Lamb stays until he is a senior. I know that is a bit selfish but UConn would be beast for 2-3 more years. We would run the Big East and make some serious noise in the NCAAs. But if he jumps to the NBA I wish him well.
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