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Default Re: Fox News Ask Are Hip-Hop and Rap Music Going Out of Style?

The people who rail against rap the hardest are the people whose KIDS listen to it and they cant stop it from influencing their kids, so they do what most people in america do... they blame the music and the society for their kids problems... parents whose kids have giant pictures of Tupac and 50 cent on their bedroom walls have been p*ssed off for years.. the sad thing is that they dont have enough clout with their own kids so they go against the rappers... its the same in sports like basketball where these people hate the stars and the league because their kid is infatuated with it.....

All that Gangsta stuff wasnt a problem before white america became hooked on it... NOW... its a big problem..

From the music side.....hip-hop has lost its balance.... too much thuggish ruggish, and not enough of the other experiences that make life worth living.. hip hop used to be about alot more, but greed and profits have turned it from an artform to a pimp/hoe type of money making business..say anything for a dollar...

well, time for raping the artform is almost over

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