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Default Re: Cole Aldrich isn't good yet, but OKC aren't giving up anytime soon

I don't know much about Mullens.. but he's pretty much a bust. The fact that the pursued Aldrich the way they did (and with them having acquired Perkins and Mohammed) pretty much tells it all. Late first round pick that didn't work out for the.

Aldrich was drafted pretty high though and had some hype to him. I thought he'd be the Thunder's C for the future. I check out highlights and read up on (the top) prospects before a draft and I thought Aldrich would have a solid NBA game. He never really got a shot though..
Glad to see the Thunder haven't given up on him. I wouldnt know what area of the game he needs to work on, because I havent seen him play a NBA game (maybe 1 or 2 minutes, but I cant remember it anyway..)
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