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Default Re: Favorite Rapper?

Originally Posted by ShawnieMac06
I posted these on another message board, and I'll put them here too...

Best rappers I've ever heard...

2Pac (pre-Death Row; I still believe to this day that if it wasn't for Suge Knight, he'd still probably be alive)
DMX (when he isn't acting like Ron Artest)
Snoop Dogg (I liked his eariler stuff better; he kinda lost me when he joined up with that God-awful Master P)
Biggie (I agree with another poster, Jay-Z and a lot of New York-area rappers of today owe their careers to him)
Eazy-E (lyrically, he had other people write his rhymes, but his energy and delivery was up there among the best; plus, he was the one who brought hardcore rap to the West Coast)
Outkast (their earlier stuff was a lot better than their current ****, I go back to their first album in '93--Southernplayalisticcadillacmusik--a classic)
Wu Tang (what like about them is they're most different than most other rappers, not the same bull**** you hear from the rest of these copycats)
DJ Quik (very good rapper, but he's probably a much better producer and musician--he's one of the few in rap that can play his own instruments)
Ice Cube (just always been steady and consistent)

Now, for worst rappers I've heard...

Pretty much every Southern rapper, except for Outkast, Scarface, Ludacris (who I can barely tolerlate), and maybe Juvenile
Everybody from G-Unit, outside of maybe 50 Cent (when 50 is you're best rapper--and he's OK at best--you got problems)
Daz Dillenger (just because he's Snoop's real-life cousin doesn't mean he can flow, and Kurupt carried him for years)
Ja-Rule (OK rapper, just ****ty songs)

Most overrated...

Jay-Z (I've always heard from many how's he the greatest of all time, but from the many songs I've heard over the years, he's not all that special, but to each his own)
Dr. Dre (OK rapper, again just like Eazy, other people wrote his rhymes, but that's not my's his production. From what I've read and heard, he actually doesn't really do half of the production on the songs he produces, but gets all the credit, and plus he takes forever to finish songs)


F' outta here, Dre is an actual PRODUCER, not a BEAT MAKER like 99% of the other so called " PRODUCERS" in the game, what he does goes far beyond banging some pads on an MPC. He coaches the artist, mixes and engineers it, ok so he didnt play the keys on Still Dre, guess what, Quincy Jones didnt play the instruments and lots of his songs, but he PRODUCED IT, blended all the musical aspects into a cohesive blend that sounds damn good to the ear. There is a reason why a Dr.Dre sanctioned album/song tends to go on big, because it sounds good.
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