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Default Re: A Game of Thrones

Originally Posted by Thorpesaurous
I just picked up Dance today, along with going hardcover on all the other books. I still have 600 pages left in book four anyway, so I'm a ways off. I've slowed down a little.

Five books in hardcover cost me like 150 bucks.

I sort of overdid it at the book store. I got Bill James' Popular Crime, a look at crime, and really the true crime genre, from a statistical perspective, from the Baseball Prospectus guy. One of the strangest side projects I can think of, but I'm a huge true crime guy and a bit of a stat geek besides.

Then I impulse bought The Red Market, a true crime book about the organ harvesting market. Another True Crime novel called Clueless in Connecticut about three seemingly unrelated vanished college girls in the 40s in towns surrounding where I live, all of whom disappeared while hitchhiking, yet were never connected. Then Deadline, a short paperback zombie novel. And Anno Dracula, about Queen Victoria in 1888 marrying Count Dracula, who then proceeds to feed on whitechapel, and then hunt for Jack the Ripper, which sounds rediculous yet entertaining.
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