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Default Re: The roster I would like to see All Star break

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Originally Posted by Reef
I wouldn't want Kaman or Brooks since we're still rebuilding. Both would just ruin our chances at a high first rounder and potentially take us out of the lottery.

I understand what you (and others) are saying.

I question how realistic it is.

I cant see any management in the NBA looking to tank for persistent seasons (like 2 -4) in the hopes of hitting the lotto jack pot with the "next Kobe".

The danger of such a move must be looked at in building a loosing culture in the team and being unable to retain good young talent you have already drafted (Derozan/Davis et al) and attracting the right type of vetern free agent to help you get over the persistent 1st rounder failure or persistent "just miss the playoffs".

Its taken years for the Clippers and Warriors to overcome that rep and frankly they are not home yet. The Thunder did hit the jack pot and immediately went out and signed the "right vetern FAs" to compliment the nucleus.

But too few teams hit the jack pot; and if you persistently wait to do so you end up loosing all the core talent you develop to other teams.

Not withstanding the Rapotrs are rebuilding - I dont want them to be the next Clippers or Warriors franchise. Rather Atlanta / Utah/ Pheonix who did sign the right FAs after building through the draft.

I think my prefered line up gives us a bit of both - especially with cap space in 2 years.

Anyway I think we agree on direction - disagree on method.


Either arguement - the thread is about "post your roster March All Star break". That will tell us all we need to know about your philosophy
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