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Default Re: Timberwolves will interview Larry Brown for coaching job

Originally Posted by niko
Minny is bizarre, they don't hire, draft, trade, with any regard for what there plan seems to be, or what the fit is. It's the Isiah plan, except with hoarding young players and picks instead of shipping them out. They want to play uptempo, have uptemo pieces they are trying to acquire, and want Larry Brown? WTF?

It's because they are looking for a franchise player. When you don't have a franchise player or two, its hard to build a team. They don't have one. So they keep collecting young talent in case one of them turns into a franchise player or they can trade them for one.....

Unlikely though.

Minnesota has done a poor job, but there are teams in MUCH worse shape then them. Kahn has become the whipping boy though.....he can't escape it. Oh well.......
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