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Default Re: Happy Birthday to an Underappreciated All Time Great

Originally Posted by Al Thornton
nate who?

The Nate who held a PRIME Kareem to two straight post-season series of 22.8 ppg and 22.8 ppg, and on .405 and .428 shooting. This, from a Kareem who had averaged 34.8 ppg on .574 shooting, and 30.2 ppg on .550 shooting during his regular seasons. He also faced Kareem in some 50+ H2H games, and Kareem seldom even scored 30 points against him, and his HIGH game was only 34 points. In fact, I suspect that Kareem shot considerably less than 45% against Thurmond in those 50+ games, and Kareem was a .559 career shooter.
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