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Default Re: The roster I would like to see All Star break

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Seriously people - I am asking you to "project the roster" you wouldnt mind seeing at the all star break. 12 - 15 guys with names and postions.

I get there are different opinions on how to build but throw Aaron Grey in there if you want to tank - whatever.

Just project out what you think it might look at - even a no change is fine

My start :

Chris Kaman (via Clippers for Bargnani) C
Jonas Valanciunas - C
Solomon Alabi - C
Ed Davis – PF
Amir Johnson - PF
Linas Kliza - SF
James Johnson - SF
Demar Derozan – SF SG
Jerryd Bayliss – SG - PG
Anthony Parker - SG
Leandro Barbossa - SG
Aaron Brooks (via Lakers via Suns for Jose/cash/draft picks) PG

Sonny Weems based on Price/Length of deal - SF
Reggie Evans based on Price/Length of deal – C/PF

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