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Default Re: The roster I would like to see All Star break

Originally Posted by Jballer
I cant see any management in the NBA looking to tank for persistent seasons (like 2 -4) in the hopes of hitting the lotto jack pot with the "next Kobe".

When your roster is as awful as the Raps' was as soon as Bosh left, tanking/rebuilding for one season only makes no sense. There is next to no chance that the problems can be fixed in one year. Even the Cavs have next to no chance of being a playoff team next year, and they had picks 1 and 4 in the draft, which is hitting the jackpot as hard as possible in this year's draft.

Unless Colangelo is an even bigger idiot than some of us fear, he will realise that at the very least two years of sucking/tanking/blowing it up/rebuilding were necessary before this team could start tweaking like a playoff challenger.

Of course there are risks associated with this. By following this strategy, the Raptors could be a terrible team with a losing culture in 5 years- or they could be a great one build around one or more stars from the very top of the draft. If the Raptors don't follow this strategy, and they start trying to finetune already, despite not having the superstar virtually every successful NBA team needs, in 5 years they will at worst be a terrible team with a losing culture- and at best be a mediocre borderline playoff team.

In fact, a sensible NBA GM knows that there are indeed times that teams have to be in full-on rebuilding mode for 2-4 years (and that are rarely times that a successful full-on rebuild can be done in less time than that). And the Raptors have to know that this is a risk they must take.
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