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Default Re: Dwayne Schintzius thinks his mullet got him traded

Originally Posted by LJJ
That is a pretty funny way of dealing with it actually.

What kind of a boss tells a grown ass man how to wear his hair? If my boss told me to change my haircut, seriously, I would probably spit in his mouth.

It's not really all that unorthodox for management to take an interest in the appearance of its employees. The league intervenes in matters in a similar fashion. Look at Tony Allen in this years playoffs, or some of Artests' for eccentric hairstyle choices in the playoffs. If you ran a respectable business you likely wouldn't be too hot on the idea of your employees showing up with bright pink hair and six lip piercings. If you value an image that doesn't alienate a particular brand of clientele, at least.

Look at Pat Riley's stance on players not wearing headbands. Up until LeBron showed up that was practically written in stone.
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