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Default Re: The roster I would like to see All Star break

Originally Posted by Jballer
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Seriously people - I am asking you to "project the roster" you wouldnt mind seeing at the all star break. 12 - 15 guys with names and postions.

I get there are different opinions on how to build but throw Aaron Grey in there if you want to tank - whatever.

Just project out what you think it might look at - even a no change is fine

My start :

Chris Kaman (via Clippers for Bargnani) C
Jonas Valanciunas - C
Solomon Alabi - C
Ed Davis PF
Amir Johnson - PF
Linas Kliza - SF
James Johnson - SF
Demar Derozan SF SG
Jerryd Bayliss SG - PG
Anthony Parker - SG
Leandro Barbossa - SG
Aaron Brooks (via Lakers via Suns for Jose/cash/draft picks) PG

Sonny Weems based on Price/Length of deal - SF
Reggie Evans based on Price/Length of deal C/PF

First problem with your roster is that val is on it.
he is playing in europe this year so that isn't possible.

My team for next year

PG Bayless
SG Derozan
SF Johnson
PF Davis
C Bargs


Oh - but you will say, this is the same god awful team from last year.
And I will say yes, the same team as last year. Let's see how these players can develop. Bayless, Derozan, Johnson and Davis. I want to see what they can do. At the same time we will be at the top of the draft lottery in one of the deepest drafts of all time.
You will notice that Barbosa is not on the team because he hurts the tank and, frankly, he deserves to play on a winner.
You will notice that bargs and jose are on the team because they help the tank. If we were offered a 1st round draft pick for either (lottery for bargs) i would accept.
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