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Default Re: Thanks to drunken driving, Jalen Rose gets to spend 20 days in jail

Originally Posted by J-Futuristic
Wow that is ****ed up.
Yessir, 30 fukkin days for a driving on a suspended, Oakland County is one of the richest counties in America, where I'm from (detroit/wayne county) is the poorest. Oakland county has the most racist law system in America, the day the judge gave me 30 days he sent dudes to jail for jaywalking, loitering, and running a stop sign, the dude who ran the stop sign got 90 days.

They make all their money off their county jail, they will lock you up for anything, literally. Crazy part is, these dumb nothafukkas didn't even find the pistol (under the hood stash spot is un fukkwittable), I got my car out of the impound with a ounce of weed and my pistol in the same spot. Shyt did cost me 3 stacks all together though, and they charge 65 dollars per day to be in the county jail, the charges say that's room and board fee, nygga please.
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